4 days before the departure

Por Daniela

Happiness, anxiety, stress, love, fear. The variety of feelings we are experimenting is broad. Some of us are on their denial phase. “Trip? What trip? Nothing is happening”

Sometimes I feel we don’t want to talk to each other right now: We will have 7 months to talk. I still don’t know how to describe my sensation. Anyway, I thought it was worth to share it with all of you, that are thinking about our trip as much as us.

The bike:

Checking the recommendations with friends and experts, I had to change some components of my bike. V-brakes, butterfly handlebar (thanks to Bernardo!), new rack (I broke the one I had). Fortunately, is supposed to be ready tomorrow, I know I will calm down and be happier when it is ready to go 😀

The equipment:

If you know me enough, I love cinnamon and I feel a secret and strong pleasure for cleaning my ears often. Beside the big big fears, the ones that occupied my mind in these last weeks were eating the same food for days and smelling too bad.

So the first stuff I packed on the list were solid perfume, ground cinnamon (it is in english because I bought it on my last trip, thinking about this project) and wood cotton swabs (I hate plastic ones, plastic one use only? Come on!)


About the other equipment, this is the picture right now. I still need some specific equipment to survive the peruvian and bolivian temperatures and brazilian rainstorms. But I’m waiting until thursday because an amazing sponsor (you will know it soon on our blog and facebook) will support us with some of the stuff we all five still need.


Tent, sleeping pad, camping kitchen, camera, sunscreen, some socks and underwear, two pants. Towel and waterproof jacket. Bike tools.


He knew I was thinking about this dream like 4 years ago. All his understanding and support make me feel much more in love, that’s the positive part of the process.  We’ve tried to spend together as much time as we can, but this last days are just crazy, and the time and energy is never enough.


Juan helping me to understand the camping kitchen. We prepared a lemongrass tea for 3 in 7 minutes.


I had the amazing luck of having several mothers and fathers in my life. Just in these few months, I’ve confirmed how much we love each other. They’ve been incredibly supportive, so their words and hugs are very encouraging and help me deal with anxiety and fear. Guaytamba recomended me to share special trip moments with them, and so I did. It has been a very useful exercise to attach good memories to functional equipment instead of pictures or souvenirs.

The tent makes me think about grandma, my socks about Uncle Jipi and Auntie Paty, the camping kitchen to my uncle François, and there are many little things that make me remember that there’s family that will push me through the steep roads.


Grandma helping me to try the tent


Jipi’s gift: Merino wool socks

Some days ago, my mom shared this picture with me. She told me she realized I had the adventure in my genes. On the picture, there is my great-grandmother skiing. I’m so proud about her. I feel ancestors of each one of us (Warmifonias girls) will follow us and show us the paths.


Great-grandmother skiing

The image above the post was taken at Metropolitan Park in Quito with my cousin Ismael. We went there on sunday and it was the first time he rode a bike through narrow muddy paths. It was the perfect farewell.


Messages, audio notes, links and recommendations. Meetings, coffee and some tea. So many ways of expressing love and care. Gazz who thinks about me each time he writes the date. Meles who offered me to bring her stick to drink mate. Jose who lended me his music player. I’m not leaving, you are coming with me!


Admired friends with amazing projects. Mariana works on organic agriculture and Paola on Kara Solar, an independent project of building a solar boat for the transportation between 5 communities in the amazon forest, an alternative to opening roads and using fossil fuels.

Political situation:

Ecuador is passing through heavy political disturbs. Last february 19th has been our presidential election day. Two days after, we still don’t have an official answer. The actual politic party is trying to make their candidate win, no matter how. (It’s so surrealistic!) So the environment is very tense. Feelings of deception of the system and of ethics of human beings, impotence. By the other hand, I feel eager to find amazing projects through South America, to inspire us as Ecuadorians and to generate change from the inside. Starting by each one of ourselves.

My job:

That subject is so stressfull I even don’t want to mention it. I’m delegating NANKAIA to a very close and nice cyclist friend but there’s so much to do in these 3 days to make her the job easier, I don’t want to think about it. (Denial phase)

Beside friends and family, I’m going to miss:

  • The amazing avocado of Auntie Susy.
  • Morning mtb rides.
  • Begging my grandma to reduce her use of plastics.



Grandma during our last trip. Using my reusable cup and cuttlery, the same ones I bring to the trip.

Written by Daniela.


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